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WASHINGTON At some point in the near future,An intruder,tory burch outlet, the first clue that an Osama bin Laden might have that he's been tracked down inside his Abbottabad compound might not be the sound of helicopters outside, but the buzzing of a bird-size drone in his bedroom doorway. The Defense Department's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is asking researchers to help develop drones capable of flying up to 45 mph indoors and small enough to slip into a building through an open window. The inspiration for the program? The goshawk, a bird of prey with a remarkable ability to navigate through dense woodlands without,hollister co, as DARPA program manager Mark Micire puts it, "smacking into a tree." The avian-influenced project is being called the Fast Lightweight Autonomy Program. Or,hollister clothing store, yes, that's right, FLAP. Drones,burberry outlet online, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are used extensively by the military outdoors, both to get an overhead read on urban environments or to survey unstable disaster zones. But seeing inside a building typically requires a soldier to enter a confined space where he or she could be vulnerable. Some structures are impossible to enter at all, whether that's because they're protected by enemy soldiers or because they are too damaged to walk around in safely. (The use of drones, of course,, has raised questions about the ethics of killing someone remotely; it's unclear whether these indoor drones could ultimately be weaponized. DARPA declined to comment. ) What DARPA wants researchers to develop are so-called autonomy algorithms that would make it possible for drones to quickly find their way around corners and through indoor obstacles without human intervention. The agency is also interested in drones with the ability to learn from their past travels. The new indoor devices, says DARPA, should have the capacity to answer intuitively, "Have I been here before?" Small indoor drones already exist, but they're dependent on both human operators and GPS-based navigation. These new flyers would be operated by a remote pilot who could be sitting millions of miles away,michael kors outlet, but the drone still must be able to make minuscule,tory burch, split-second decisions to navigate a room on its own. Moving more than 60 feet per second, they should be fast enough to stay one step ahead of soldiers or those they are pursuing, according to DARPA. DARPA plans to award several grants and contracts worth up to $5.5 million each to get FLAP off the ground. Technology developed by the military, of course, often gets transferred into civilian life. But in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration has long delayed issuing rules that would allow drones to be used widely for commercial purposes. Those rules are expected to finally come next year, but in the meantime the FAA has made exceptions for filmmakers who use camera-equipped drones to create impressive outdoor video takes. Imagine what they'll be able to do once those cameras are capable of following the shot indoors, too.

Signature drink: Wine, natch. The list is long - 200 bottles,, along with 50 wines by the glass ($12-$20) stored using a vacuum-preservation device - and the focus shifts every four to six weeks to a new wine region (it's currently Italy). Flights are recommended; there are 16,, split into reds and whites, and broken into categories like "Obscure Italian" and "Classic Nebbiolo" ($14-$20). Take advantage of the staff's knowledge.

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Czech lawmakers are now working to push a bill through parliament that seeks to re-establish the army reserves from January,call Klein at 384-5991, somewhat backtracking on the partial demilitarization of the country following 1989 s Velvet Revolution.

?Hundreds of cans and generous contributions are rolling in from east, west, south and north parts of Seminole,,? Waters said. ?Our local grocers are helping, local business establishments are involved, Chamber members are challenging each other,,you just don t qualify for al, and schools and churches have taken on this great opportunity to demonstrate Seminole city pride and generosity.?

On the subject of golf courses, apparently a high priority for government officials, a minor tree-trimming project at a Sioux Falls,Victory Baptist Church, S.D., airport somehow turned into a $5 million renovation for a 27-hole golf course.

Lakewood United Methodist Church, 1922 Topf Road, North Little Rock: The church warmly invites you to any of the great events happening here in October. Please join us at your friendly neighborhood church, a place of joy,, hope,, and love for almost 60 years.

Good morning Paul: Neither. Since you asked, I��d say my movie fascination has its origins in a heightened awareness of time, maybe a morbid awareness. The interest broadens out from there, but that��s the source. And writing about it �� writing in general �� comes of the usual boring things,coach outlet store online, as in growing up with a fairly sensitive nature in a harsh and demented environment. That combination will often leave a person either with a sense of humor or in a straitjacket �� or, in some particularly colorful cases, both.

"It's one of those things where it was hard for us to play with the lead," he said. "They got in that man and it caused us to overthink some things because we wanted to get high-percentage shots. But,, at the same time, the guys were constantly wondering whether or not it was the right shot to take.