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Farther up is an incense stall where 100 yen buy you incense sticks to put into one of the big communal spots. People gather around this flaming, smoking bowl and use their hands to move the smoke onto their faces. Some hold their hands in the smoke then dab in on their head or on their children. Men hold wallets and women hold purses over the smoke – perhaps to see if their credit cards can be healed.

GIFTED GUITARIST GUITARIST: The Sandhill Stage concert series returns to Prairie Creek Lodge Jan. 10 at 7 p.m.,and chestnut, with a performance by guitarist and singer/songwriter David Russell. The native Floridian has traveled widely in his career, and cites encounters with many music legends like Gamble Rogers and Norman Blake as his primary education in music. Russell s music and repertoire now reflect the diverse styles he s learned over the years, including flatpicking, fingerstyle, Celtic cross tunings and slide guitar. For this performance, he ll be joined by bassist John Peyton. Tickets are $20 (cash or check only at the door), and space is limited. To reserve seating or for more information, email sandhillstage@gmail.com or call 317-7307.

The new study revealed only 10 percent of students who drove reported drinking and driving; however,vacant housing units and area, texting is invariably ubiquitous with tweeners to college-age students. The latest Centers for Disease Control study anonymously surveyed more than 13,000 9th to 12th grade students in the spring of 2013 regarding risky behaviors that could lead to unintentional injuries, obesity and unplanned pregnancies.