goes to classes if I have any

For those customers, the Panama City stations are available for free with an antenna over the air or through a different provider such as Direct TV or Dish Network.

People of Latin American heritage couldn’t care less whether they get called “Hispanic” or “Latino,2nd floor,” a reports show. The revelation that Latinos don’t care which of the two labels they get slapped with likely stems from the fact that most Hispanics identify primarily by country of origin rather than pan-ethnic terms, according to earlier polling by the Pew Hispanic Center. Don’t mess with the identity of Hispanics in Texas.

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Steven Neal loves dogs and has so much compassion for them that he adopted a dog named Trooper from the Hope Animal Shelter and took him back to his home,according to the Orange Count, recently. His home is not a cute little bungalow or a sprawling mansion, but a prison cell at Ouachita River Correctional Center in Malvern. Neal is an inmate there, a well-behaved inmate. He receives meritorious furloughs every six months because of good behavior. That, according to experts, is almost unheard of. Every furlough he has had for the last two years has been spent at the Hope Animal Shelter, helping with the dogs, whether it be feeding, watering, or walking them. He enjoys all of it. I am a trainer at the prison unit through a program called 'Paws in Prison,' Neal said. My last furlough, which was in early December, was spent at the shelter again. I love animals and I have a big heart for them. I had animals before I went to prison and I have been training mostly big dogs for the program. I spotted Trooper,www.uggsboots.us.com, who is a St. Bernard mix, and I fell in love with him. It feels wonderful to give something to a dog who can be adopted, he said. We can teach them to be companion dogs because we teach them manners, how to get along with other dogs and with people, and housebreak them. We deal with dogs who will be euthanized soon, he said. We deal with kill shelters only. He goes with me everywhere I go; he sleeps in my cell, goes to classes if I have any,cheap ugg boots, and goes outside for walks in the yard. Dinah Tyler, of the 'Paws in Prison' program, says that Trooper is doing well with Steven. Trooper has taken well to the program and the people, Tyler said. He's still a puppy and he is learning well. We have five prison facilities which are part of the program and we take overlooked dogs who are in shelters. By overlooked, I mean black in color, too big, too old, or too young. Page 2 of 2 - Inmates have to have good jail behavior and cannot be convicted of animal cruelty to participate in this program, Tyler said. The inmates must be able to walk the dogs other than recreation time. You'll not find any more pampered, more loved dogs than here. For example, we had a small dog in the program who was being trained to be a lap dog for an elderly lady. By the time her training was over, she was everyone's lap dog. I mean, these big, burly guys had taken to a little lap dog and they were good with her. The dogs are trained for two months and are trained in basic commands and are housebroken by the time the training has ended. Once they graduate from training classes, they also receive an AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate. Hope Animal Control Officer Tammy Austin knows Steven well and spoke highly of his efforts and his big heart for dogs. Steven adopted Trooper on December 6, 2014, Austin said. He has so much compassion for the dogs back there in the cages. He always had a goodie bag on his side for the dogs and the bag was always filled with dog treats. Trooper was brought in on November 1, according to Austin. He was found running loose on West Fifth Street in Hope. He fell in love with that puppy, she said. He asked me to keep it for him, and when his furlough was up, he took him back to prison with him. Trooper is the first dog that has ever gone to Paws in Prison from Hempstead County, according to Austin. Tyler, who has seen several dogs pass through the program through the years,some are notable for their intricate plots. These are small feats, says that Trooper and Neal made an instant connection. They have never had dogs from Hope come to the prison to be trained because it's so far away from Malvern, but when she saw the floppy feet and the soft,too. More Content Now News, sweet eyes; like Steven, she couldn't resist. We will always remember Trooper as a special first to us; the first dog ever rescued by an inmate on furlough who had too much compassion to leave him behind, Tyler said.